Hepburn Creek Subdivision

Location: Hepburn Creek

Services: Planning and Surveying

We were involved in all aspects of this project including designing the layout of the subdivision, preparing the scheme plan, liaising with the project ecologist and geotechnical engineer, preparing the subdivision consent application and dealing with Council throughout the consent process to address all the issues raised. Now the subdivision consent has been granted we are getting underway with the engineering design for the access ways and the land transfer survey.

Point Wells Estate Subdivision

Location: Point Wells

Services: Planning and Surveying

Eight lot residential subdivision with lots ranging in area from 5,000m² to 1 ha. Parallax designed the subdivision layout, obtained subdivision and earthworks consent and did all the required topographical surveying and the legal land transfer survey.

Residential Subdivision

Location: Huapai

Services: Planning and Surveying

Parallax Surveyors were engaged for this project which created 41 residential lots in a greenfield development in Huapai. The subdivision was completed in a number of stages over nearly ten years. We prepared the scheme plans, did all the topographical engineering surveying, and completed the land transfer surveys for each stage. We also obtained consent to increase the number of lots in the final stage when the Unitary Plan allowed more intensive development.

Countryside Living Subdivision

Location: Dairy Flat

Services: Planning, Surveying, Engineering

This project created 24 rural residential lots in Dairy Flat all accessed via a privately owned right of way. Parallax Surveyors obtained all the required consents including subdivision consent, stormwater discharge consent and earthworks consent. We also went on to obtain consent to undertake a boundary adjustment between some of the lots following the rezoning of the land. Parallax also did the engineering design work including the right of way, entranceway, culverts and stormwater neutrality. Finally, we completed all of the legal land transfer surveying required allowing the issue of the new titles.

SH1 Puhoi to Warkworth Motorway

Location: Puhoi to Warkworth

Services: Surveying

Parallax Surveyors were engaged by Waka Kotahi (NZTA) to complete the legalisation surveys required for the extension of the SH1 motorway. This involved surveying the extent of the land to be purchased by the Crown to allow the motorway to be built.

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